Danrex Service s.c. produces appliances and lenders services for industry (mainly for glassworks). The intention of our company was to create modern appliances useful for glass producers.

Our initial profile included industry automaton with big emphasis on glassworks. We were also providing services connected with everyday maintenance of machines, service, modernizations and repairs.

In 1996 first cold-end coating machine designs were done. As the effects of these works, the company was divided into two very specialised units: production-trading "Danex" and service-distribution "Danrex Service s.c."
In 1998 first machines were produced.

Our appliances were designed on the basis of long-term wide experience that we gained while working on building, servicing and using of coating machines in Owens-Illinois "Jaroslaw" glassworks and comparing these machines with others used in glass industry. We applied improvements concerning service simplification and reliability increase, which eliminate problems with appliances operation.
Next years of our activity brought dynamic progress of company and significant development in the range of machines we produce. Reliability and high quality of our machines, new customers and new experiences made us successfully working not only on the domestic market, but also abroad, where we effectively compete with enterprises from whole Europe.

We are able to create any appliances adapted for individual needs of our customers. Nowadays, when competition is huge and clients require higher level of glass products, the appliances improving glass quality are indispensable element of production lines.
Our appliances are designed in a way that allows them to be integrated with any line production. They are used in production of bottles and jars by glass industry barons like OWENS-ILLINOIS, they are also used by PHILIPS LIGHTING in production of bulbs and fluorescent light elements.

We are ready to create appliances in many versions that will be appropriate for your technological and expenditure needs.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us and we will give you detailed information about our products.

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